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Supernatural Death

Opprobrium - Supernatural Death

This 30th Anniversary deluxe reissue of Opprobrium’s Supernatural Death has 14 remastered songs plus two bonus studio songs available on digipak and also on 2 LPs with 14 songs + 4 rare studio bonus tracks remastered by Brad Boatright. The package will please old and newer fans of the band, the album and is gaining great reviews from the media while the fan response has been fantastic. Supernatural Death touches on emotional subjects such as orphans, and mental trauma that each of us face daily. It will leave you breathless from the first track, "The Battle Of Armageddon" through the last track, “Death.”

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"Hunger For Power"


  1. 1. The Battle Of Armageddon
  2. 2. Voices From The Grave
  3. 3. Blaspheming Prophets
  4. 4. Underground Killer
  5. 5. Serpent Temptation
  6. 6. Hunger For Power
  7. 7. Blind Vengeance
  8. 8. Sadistic Sinner
  9. 9. Rigor Mortis
  10. 10. Cataleptic
  11. 11. Hell's Fire
  12. 12. Assault
  13. 13. Incubus
  14. 14. Death
  15. 15. Curse Of The Damned City
  16. 16. Fear The Unknown