New Releases For May 21, 2013

Open Air Stereo

Open Air Stereo - Primates

It's obvious from the first time you hear a song off Open Air Stereo's 10-song debut album Primates that the band know exactly what they are doing; that much is clear from the rush of guitars and explosive percussion that punctuate all three minutes of 'Love Is Blind,' which gives the impression not of a band just putting out their first record but one that has multiple albums and world-tours under their belt, like perennial festival headliners Foo Fighters.

'Living Proof' continues in this same vein, sounding like the best song that Audioslave never wrote, with a guitar lick straight out of the 'Tom Morello Guide To Awesome Guitar Licks'.

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"Stuck On You"


  1. 1. Maurader
  2. 2. The Right
  3. 3. Love Is Blind
  4. 4. Give Me Everything
  5. 5. Stuck On You
  6. 6. Damned
  7. 7. Where Do We Go
  8. 8. Hung Over You
  9. 9. What You Want
  10. 10. Living Proof
  11. 11. Your Way Is My Way