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The Horror - Figure Del Terrore

Oltretomba - The Horror - Figure Del Terrore

With more cowbell than Blue Oyster Cult and Dark Throne combined, Oltretomba is old school in sound and style, raw and aggressive, and even outright rocking (did someone say more cowbell?) – they will have every-one head banging to their phenomenal offerings. Oltretomba have honed their style to perfection, culminating in one of the darkest, horror filled journeys the metal scene has ever offered. With no bells (outside of percussion), no whistles (besides those of the Nameless Occultist), and nothing plastic or pre-molded, Oltretomba claim their well-secured seat at the Pentagonal Table of the world-wide metal scene.

TAGS: Hard Rock | Metal | Rock

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"The River In The Middle"


  1. 1. The Horror (Intro)
  2. 2. Her Eyes
  3. 3. Epitaph On The Cenotaph
  4. 4. Motherfucker Of Grand Cross
  5. 5. The River In The Middle
  6. 6. The Blade And The Hungry
  7. 7. Blue Devil
  8. 8. Amputation (Arms And Legs)
  9. 9. Nameless Occultist
  10. 10. Dracul
  11. 11. L’orrore (Outro)