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Olof Arnalds
Sudden Elevation

Olof Arnalds - Sudden Elevation

Recorded in her native Iceland, Sudden Elevation, Ólöf Arnald's third full album - her first sung entirely in English - captures a rare and idiosyncratic songwriting talent in full bloom.

From the breezily skipping rhythm of opener 'German Fields' to the pealing vocals of closer, 'Perfect,' Sudden Elevation's particular brand of heartache is magical, dislocated and otherworldly; its harmonies complex and quietly electrifying.

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"A Little Grim"


  1. 1. German Fields
  2. 2. Bright And Still
  3. 3. Return Again
  4. 4. Treat Her Kindly
  5. 5. Call It What You Want
  6. 6. A Little Grim
  7. 7. Fear Less
  8. 8. Numbers And Names
  9. 9. Sudden Elevation
  10. 10. The Joke
  11. 11. Onwards And Upwards
  12. 12. Perfect