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Old Salt Union
Old Salt Union

Old Salt Union - Old Salt Union

“Old Salt Union is a ‘heartland band’ in the best sense. Their sound reverberates with echoes of their home in the Midwest. In it you’ll hear a landscape of dirt backroads and cement interstates; of small towns and even smaller farms; of half-empty downtowns and the ghosts of forgotten factories; of big dreams and even bigger disappointments. Their themes are as true as they are familiar: work is scarce but rewarding; love, even scarcer but worth fighting for; life isn’t fair, but you get out of it what you make of it.” - Keith Dudding, KDHX (St. Louis)

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"You Can Call Me Al"


  1. 1. Where I Stand
  2. 2. Feel My Love
  3. 3. Bought And Sold
  4. 4. You Can Call Me Al
  5. 5. Tuscaloosa
  6. 6. Madam Plum
  7. 7. On My Way
  8. 8. Hard Line
  9. 9. Flatt Baroque
  10. 10. Here And Off My Mind

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