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In Return

Odesza - In Return

Over the past 18 months, Seattle producer duo, ODESZA (Harrison Mills & Clayton Knight), have rapidly ascended to the top of their class. Accruing listens online, selling out shows and packing out festival crowds, ODESZA have won fans through the stereo and from the stage.

Today, ODESZA proudly unveil their brand new album, In Return, on Counter Records (a Ninja Tune imprint). In Return more than delivers on the promise of ODESZA's previous work. A record with a precocious maturity and coherence, it's a start-to-finish stunner of pop-infused, electronic wonder, littered with infectious hooks and potent atmosphere.

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"Say My Name (Featuring Zyra)"


  1. 1. Always This Late
  2. 2. Say My Name (Featuring Zyra)
  3. 3. Bloom
  4. 4. All We Need (Featuring Shy Girls)
  5. 5. Sundara
  6. 6. White Lies (Featuring Jenni Potts)
  7. 7. Kusanagi
  8. 8. Echoes (Featuring Py)
  9. 9. It's Only (Featuring Zyra)
  10. 10. Koto
  11. 11. Memories That You Call (Featuring Monsoonsiren)
  12. 12. Sun Models (Featuring Madelyn Grant)
  13. 13. For Us (Featuring Briana Marela)

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