New Releases For November 20, 2020

Timeless Past Above

Odem - Timeless Past Above

Russian technical / progressive death metal overlords Odem return with their highly anticipated second album. Featuring the track "Illuminate," this is an album full of timeless death metal classics - Odem’s sound is both technical and melodic, all conveyed in an absolutely smothering atmosphere of brutality. Their heavy-handed riffs and a high-speed frontal assault blend with progressive and dissonant sounds of death, which always retains a melodic sensibility. Odem illuminate you with their sound, you shall experience transcendence, as they allow you to enter their underground temple of death metal perfection Cover art by Matt Lombard (Cradle Of Filth, Vale).

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  1. 1. Ascendance
  2. 2. Vermes
  3. 3. Desecrate
  4. 4. Illuminate
  5. 5. Descendance
  6. 6. A Glorious Epoch (Immolation Cover)