New Releases For September 25, 2012

Oak Street Blues
Waiting For Something

Oak Street Blues - Waiting For Something

Since the formation of Oak Street Blues in 2009, the band have become known for their unique mix of traditional country and alternative rock combined with elements of electronic and pop. Their music is designed to be fun and lively for their fans, but their live shows are entertaining and amusing and sometimes a bit over the top. Oak Street Blues is founder/frontman/guitarist Chris Hall, Jenny Arias on bass and ukulele and Desiree 'Crazy Legs' Gonzalez on keyboards. Currently, the group is playing their live shows in and around Los Angeles, California.

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  1. 1. Stars
  2. 2. Heavy On The Backbeat
  3. 3. Our Hearts
  4. 4. Perfect
  5. 5. I Don't Think So
  6. 6. Miss U
  7. 7. Marie
  8. 8. Robot Song
  9. 9. Slow Mo
  10. 10. You