New Releases For November 13, 2012

Jetsetter Jazz! The Persuasive Sounds Of Nutty

Nutty - Jetsetter Jazz! The Persuasive Sounds Of Nutty

Nutty harkens back to the time when 3-martini lunches were a staple and the Rat Pack held court at the Sands. This album showcases a tight, hard-swingin' Octet that takes mashups to a whole different level, artfully melding Sonny Moon's smooth, sassy vocals with arrangements that are seamless in their execution.

Classic rock meets timeless jazz. It's like a crazy dream where some rockers named Jimi, Sting, Ray Davies, and Neil Young put their words, riffs, and melodies into music written by some jazz cats named Henry Mancini, Dizzy, Mingus, and the Duke. It's one helluva sonic cocktail!

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"Five Nights"


  1. 1. Purple Panther
  2. 2. Manteca In A Bottle
  3. 3. Tired Of Strollin'
  4. 4. The Impossible Past
  5. 5. Pleasant Valley Monkday
  6. 6. Five Nights
  7. 7. Frankenmunster
  8. 8. Rumba With The Devil
  9. 9. Same Old Song And Scat
  10. 10. Cinnamon Doll
  11. 11. Hello Dolly Dagger
  12. 12. Baker's Bread