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NRBQ (Reissue)

NRBQ - NRBQ (Reissue)

The New Rhythm And Blues Quintet formed over 50 years ago, and after playing together for a few years, the band began recording with Eddie Kramer. Their eponymous debut appeared on shelves in 1969, featuring the band’s wide-ranging originals peppered with versions of songs from artists as wide-ranging as Eddie Cochran and Sun Ra, plus a co-write between the band’s Terry Adams and Jazz experimentalist Carla Bely. It was, and is, a wildly original and influential release. Combining elements of the original, with additional photos and new liner notes from Jay Berman, the package has never looked, nor sounded better.

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"Rocket #9"


  1. 1. C’mon Everybody
  2. 2. Rocket #9
  3. 3. Kentucky Slop Song
  4. 4. Ida
  5. 5. C’mon If You’re Comin’
  6. 6. You Can’t Hide
  7. 7. I Didn’t Know Myself
  8. 8. Stomp
  9. 9. Fergie’s Prayer
  10. 10. Mama Get Down Those Rock And Roll Shoes
  11. 11. Hymn Number 5
  12. 12. Hey! Baby
  13. 13. Liza Jane
  14. 14. Stay With We

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