New Releases For September 9, 2016


Nosound - Scintilla

After a decade of crafting a very particular type of widescreen melancholia and wistful imagery, Nosound’s fifth studio album Scintilla introduces a wholly new musical and visual approach for Giancarlo Erra’s ever-evolving band.

Influenced by post-rock, shoegaze and alternative-singer-songwriters, he uses an almost entirely acoustic sound palette for Scintilla: a cathartic album of emotional extremes that features guest vocals from Anathema’s Vincent Cavanagh and Andrea Chimenti. It is an experimental record with a focus on feeling rather than technique, marking the brave beginning of the second era of Nosound’s fascinating career.

TAGS: Prog Rock

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"Short Story"


  1. 1. Short Story
  2. 2. Last Lunch
  3. 3. Little Man
  4. 4. In Celebration Of Life
  5. 5. Sogno E Incendio
  6. 6. Emily
  7. 7. The Perfect Wife
  8. 8. Love Is Forever
  9. 9. Evil Smile
  10. 10. Scintilla