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Norman Johnson
Get It While You Can

Norman Johnson - Get It While You Can

With over 20 years recording as a sideman with the likes of Bill Mays, Harvie S., and Steve Gadd, along with performances alongside Dave Brubeck, Phil Wilson, Jerry Bergonzi, guitarist Norman Johnson earned his chops among some of the very best. He learned quickly that music was a lot like love. No matter how much time you think you have left, you have to Get It While You Can.

Johnson's original idea for this sophomore release was to have fun combining favorites with his own compositions, while featuring songs by musicians that he genuinely enjoyed. The result is a simmering sauce of conversations between musicians that grooves.

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"Get It While You Can"


  1. 1. Get It While You Can
  2. 2. Danza Dance
  3. 3. That's The Way Of The World
  4. 4. Killer Jane
  5. 5. Could 99
  6. 6. Got To Get You Into My Life
  7. 7. Until You Come Back To Me
  8. 8. Saudade
  9. 9. Calle Verde
  10. 10. Pack It Up
  11. 11. Nagoya Nights

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