New Releases For May 1, 2012

Norah Jones
...Little Broken Hearts

Norah Jones - ...Little Broken Hearts

...Little Broken Hearts is Norah Jones' stunning new album produced by Danger Mouse (aka Brian Burton). Jones drew the inspiration for the album cover from the vintage movie posters that adorn Burton's Los Angeles studio.

Featuring the lead single 'Happy Pills,' a buoyant parade of sunshiny hooks that has met with an enthusiastic response from both fans and critics alike, ...Little Broken Hearts is the fascinating next step in the artistic evolution of one of the music world's most consistently intriguing singer-songwriters.

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"Happy Pills"


  1. 1. Good Morning
  2. 2. Say Goodbye
  3. 3. Little Broken Hearts
  4. 4. She's 22
  5. 5. Take It Back
  6. 6. After The Fall
  7. 7. 4 Broken Hearts
  8. 8. Travelin' On
  9. 9. Out On The Road
  10. 10. Happy Pills
  11. 11. Miriam
  12. 12. All A Dream

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