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Norah Jones
Come Away With Me

Norah Jones - Come Away With Me

Capitol Records is proud to present the Live Life Greener series, classic albums in eco-friendly packages together with a reusable eco-friendly shopping bags. Each makes for the perfect Earth Day gift (April 22nd).

The reusable eco-friendly shopping bag in each package is a non-woven polypropylene tote bag measuring 13" X 15" X 10" and carries the recycle logo.

The series includes Frank Sinatra Classic Sinatra: His Greatest Performances 1953 - 1960; Heart Greatest Hits 1985 - 1995; Norah Jones Come Away With Me; Pat Benatar Greatest Hits; Poison 20 Years Of Rock; Steve Miller Band Greatest Hits 1974 - 1978.

These titles have sold a combined 20 million units to date.

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"Don't Know Why"


  1. 1. Don't Know Why
  2. 2. Seven Years
  3. 3. Cold, Cold Heart
  4. 4. Feelin' The Same Way
  5. 5. Come Away With Me
  6. 6. Shoot The Moon
  7. 7. Turn Me On
  8. 8. Lonestar
  9. 9. I've Got To See You Again
  10. 10. Painter Song
  11. 11. One Flight Down
  12. 12. Nightingale
  13. 13. The Long Day Is Over
  14. 14. The Nearness Of You

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