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Noel Gourdin
Fresh: The Definition

Noel Gourdin - Fresh: The Definition

Noel Gourdin is well known for his undeniable smash single 'The River' which appeared on his debut album. That single spent an amazing 21 weeks on the charts, and Noel's first single off his new album Fresh: The Definition called 'Beautiful,' is a classic example of Noel's commanding, rich and soulful vocal style. Fresh: The Definition is the work of a budding new talent positioned to make an indelible mark on the musical landscape by bringing together listeners across all generations and genres.

TAGS: R&B | Soul

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  1. 1. In Love
  2. 2. Puppet
  3. 3. Beautiful
  4. 4. Brand New (Fresh)
  5. 5. Not Around
  6. 6. Been A Long Time
  7. 7. Only You
  8. 8. Save Our Love
  9. 9. Change For You
  10. 10. Assurance Policy
  11. 11. Young Love
  12. 12. Sex In The City
  13. 13. No Regrets