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Noah Gundersen

Noah Gundersen - Lover

Noah Gundersen’s fourth full-length solo album, Lover, is now available via Cooking Vinyl. Recorded over two years at Seattle’s The Crumb studio with producer/engineer Andy D. Park (Death Cab For Cutie, K. Flay), Lover sees Gundersen continuing to veer towards an increasingly intimate and intense creative approach, wedding intricate beats and warm natural instrumentation to a series of stark, almost dreamlike, new songs. “This record is deeply personal,” says Gundersen. “It’s about love, it’s about failure, it’s about drugs, it’s about sex, it’s about age, it’s about regret, it’s about itself (very meta, I know) and it’s about finding peace.”

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  1. 1. Robin Williams
  2. 2. Crystal Creek
  3. 3. Lover
  4. 4. Watermelon
  5. 5. Lose You
  6. 6. Out Of Time
  7. 7. Audrey Hepburn
  8. 8. Older
  9. 9. Wild Horses
  10. 10. So What
  11. 11. Little Cup
  12. 12. All My Friends
  13. 13. Kamikaze

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