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No Depression Journal
Wellness (Fall 2019)

No Depression Journal - Wellness (Fall 2019)

“Worthy no bullshit journalism!!!” - Amanda Palmer

“Got emotional reading this one...thanks, No Depression.” - Rhiannon Giddens

The Fall 2019 issue of No Depression is our take on a Food & Drink issue. In time for the harvest season, No Depression explores what roots musicians eat, drink, and smoke, as well as farm, foster, and distill. In a larger sense, the issue also aims to balance body and mind and embrace contemporary notions of self-care. Of course, stories also include a taste of roots music’s indulgences, too.


  1. In This Issue:
  2. 1. Aoife O’Donovan
  3. 2. Lydia Loveless
  4. 3. American Aquarium
  5. 4. Steve Poltz
  6. 5. Ben Glover
  7. 6. Molly Tuttle
  8. 7. Sean Rowe
  9. 8. Margo Price
  10. 9. Frank Solivan
  11. 10. Steep Canyon Rangers
  12. Photos/Art:
  13. 1. Original Design By Marcus Amaker
  14. 2. Original Cover Art By Ivan Lima
  15. 3. Original Illustrations By Drew Christie
  16. 4. Original Photos By Chad Cochran, David Simchock, And Stacie Huckeba
  17. …And so much more

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