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No Depression Journal
Vision: Winter 2019

No Depression Journal - Vision: Winter 2019

The theme for this issue is “Vision” and features artists like Jeff Buckley, Yola, Scott Avett, Rebecca Loebe, The Mountain Goats, North Mississippi Allstars, Andrew Combs, Orville Peck, Elvis Presley, Kaia Kater, Mary Gauthier, Lillie Mae, and more. No Depression takes a more visual approach to understanding roots music in the Winter 2019 issue. Even though music is primarily an auditory experience, there are so many visual elements that go into presenting, performing, consuming, and engaging with this particular art form. Through No Depression’s exceptional print medium, the issue highlights the photos, comics, graphics, non-traditional band merchandise, and more that help both musicians and fans see new ideas through the sounds.


  1. In This Issue:
  2. 1. Jeff Buckley
  3. 2. Scott Avett
  4. 3. Rebecca Loebe
  5. 4. The Mountain Goats
  6. 5. North Mississippi Allstars
  7. 6. Andrew Combs
  8. 7. Orville Peck
  9. 8. Elvis Presley
  10. 9. Kaia Kater
  11. 10. Mary Gauthier
  12. 11. Yola
  13. 12. Lillie Mae
  14. Photos/Art:
  15. 1. Original Design By Marcus Amaker
  16. 2. Original Cover Art By Nicole Atkins
  17. 3. Original Illustrations By Dylan Goldberger

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