New Releases For March 24, 2017

Nina Massara
Watch Me

Nina Massara - Watch Me

Nina has the looks of a retro black and white movie star with a sassy voice that will remind you of modern day belters like Rhiannon Giddens, Victoria Williams, and Valerie June. With a tinge of “I told you so” in her voice, Nina takes on critics and fans with her U.S. debut, Watch Me, on CSP Records. Recorded and produced by Morten Wittrock both in Denmark and at Austin’s famous 5th Street Studios, Nina brings her distinctive vocal and personal style to a fabulous collection of original Americana songs. She is on the cusp of a long career.

TAGS: Americana | Blues

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"Watch Me"


  1. 1. Watch Me
  2. 2. Big Easy
  3. 3. Impossible To Resist
  4. 4. All That I’ll Ever Need
  5. 5. Something New
  6. 6. You Ain’t Up To It
  7. 7. Crazy
  8. 8. Drive Drive Drive
  9. 9. Full Grown Woman