New Releases For April 17, 2020

Caught In The Groove

Nils - Caught In The Groove

The cool, crafty title of Nils new album Caught In The Groove says it all about his studio and onstage state of mind. A decade and a half after riding his first #1 hit "Pacific Coast Highway” into contemporary jazz history as Billboard's Song of the Decade 2001-2010, the relentlessly prolific composer, guitarist and producer continues to create instantly infectious, sonically adventurous tracks for himself and numerous artists eager to vibe with the energy of his Midas touch. Now it's time to gear up for the impact of Caught In The Groove's funky, high octane lead single and the album’s title track.

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"Caught In The Groove"


  1. 1. Caught In The Groove
  2. 2. Good Times Are Better
  3. 3. Outta Sight
  4. 4. Above The Clouds
  5. 5. Stratmosphere
  6. 6. My Mornings With You
  7. 7. Mind Games
  8. 8. I Like The Way You Do It
  9. 9. Life Is What You Make It
  10. 10. All Roads Lead To You
  11. 11. Finally Here
  12. 12. When I Think Of You

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