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Alley Cat

Nils - Alley Cat

The long awaited new album from Nils entitled Alley Cat features 12 of the most explosive and infectious tunes that he has ever composed. His masterful skill as a producer, arranger and inventive sonic architect showcases what is sure to be another chart topping release. Alley Cat is a true labor of love and many of Nils' top musician friends came together to lend their talents. Nils said “a lot of these tracks were recorded when the musicians would come over, hang out and say they felt like playing.” That fresh energy comes through and everyone who joined in did so for their love of the music.

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"Alley Cat"


  1. 1. Two Of A Kind
  2. 2. Alley Cat
  3. 3. Don’t Hold Back
  4. 4. Saturday Night
  5. 5. Call Of The Sirens
  6. 6. In The Moment
  7. 7. Open Space
  8. 8. Malibu
  9. 9. Spin Cycle
  10. 10. Night Flyer
  11. 11. Milkshake
  12. 12. Everything

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