New Releases For October 22, 2012

Nigel Bennett
Truth Or Consequences

Nigel Bennett - Truth Or Consequences

Acclaimed UK rock musician Nigel Bennett releases his debut solo album, Truth Or Consequences in North America. Bennett, lead guitarist for the British punk band the Vibrators, debuts as a solo performer and front man. Truth Or Consequences features tracks ranging from melodic to hard rock to reggae. His rock 'n roll cover of Joni Mitchell's classic 'Both Sides Now,' is creating buzz, with its energetic guitar riffs. Bennett is considered by fans and critics to be the best lead guitarist on the punk music circuit. Truth Or Consequences is a new musical path.

TAGS: Hard Rock

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"Another Day"


  1. 1. Another Day
  2. 2. Truth Or Consequences
  3. 3. In My Dreams
  4. 4. Rubidoux
  5. 5. The Edge
  6. 6. Breezy
  7. 7. Melody
  8. 8. Both Sides Now
  9. 9. Scarborough Fair
  10. 10. Miss You
  11. 11. Truth Or Consequences, Part 2
  12. 12. New Mexico
  13. 13. In A Heartbeat