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Nicolas Horvath
Essential Philip Glass: 80th Anniversary (Vinyl)

Nicolas Horvath - Essential Philip Glass: 80th Anniversary (Vinyl)

This compilation celebrates Philip Glass’ 80th birthday through his unique contribution to the solo piano repertoire. It includes the sweepingly diverse and intricately melodic Etudes which are both technique-expanding and also intimately personal statements. His importance as a film composer is shown in the subtle power of his transcriptions from stage and screen music, Metamorphosis I-V, and in his BAFTA-winning score for the The Hours “Music In Fifths” – which Steve Reich called “like a freight train” – dates from his experimental years and is full of a mesmerizing variety of pulse patterns.

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"Metamorphosis II"


  1. 1. Etudes, Book 1: Etude No. 6
  2. 2. The Hours: Morning Passages
  3. 3. Metamorphosis II
  4. 4. A Secret Solo
  5. 5. The Sound Of Silence
  6. 6. Etude No. 16
  7. 7. Etude No. 18
  8. 8. Etude No. 20
  9. 9. Music In Fifths
  10. 10. The Hours: Choosing Life

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