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Reims Cathedral: December 13th, 1974

Nico - Reims Cathedral: December 13th, 1974

A stunning concert performance that has become legendary among record collectors and underground music fans everywhere!

'On December 13, Nico performed at another of her always strikingly original concert venues, this time in Reims Cathedral, where France has traditionally crowned her kings for centuries. Following the event, outraged Catholics throughout the country claimed the church was desecrated and cried out for a special purification ceremony for the monument' - Stephen Demorest (Circus Magazine, April 1975)

Digitally remastered to superior sonic quality and packaged with liner notes by Dave Thompson.

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"Janitor Of Lunacy"


  1. 1. Janitor Of Lunacy
  2. 2. The Falconer
  3. 3. Valley Of The Kings
  4. 4. The End
  5. 5. Abschied
  6. 6. Mutterlein
  7. 7. Frozen Warnings
  8. 8. You Forgot To Answer
  9. 9. We've Got The Gold
  10. 10. No One Is There
  11. 11. Ari's Son