New Releases For November 22, 2011

Here And Now

Nickelback - Here And Now

Traversing the sonic spectrum with a pulsating energy and enthusiasm reflected in the musical diversity, Here and Now is the much-loved Nickelback experience propelled to new levels as the band continues to lure listeners into their trademark party brew of fast-lane indulgences; some tunes tamed by somber reflection while others wickedly embraced with a devilish wink and a smile.

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"When We Stand Together"


  1. 1. This Means War
  2. 2. Bottoms Up
  3. 3. When We Stand Together
  4. 4. Midnight Queen
  5. 5. Gotta Get Me Some
  6. 6. Lullaby
  7. 7. Kiss It Goodbye
  8. 8. Trying Not To Love You
  9. 9. Holding On To Heaven
  10. 10. Everything I Wanna Do
  11. 11. Don't Ever Let It End

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