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Nicholas Cole
Endless Possibilities

Nicholas Cole - Endless Possibilities

As the title suggests there are endless possibilities for this explosive young artist and heads will turn and jaws drop when it is realized that he is just 18 years old and wrote and produced all of the material on this his debut for the new Trippin 'N' Rhythm Records sub label CutMore Records. Endless Possibilities will open the door and help to usher in the next generation of stars to lift contemporary instrumental music from its stagnant background status and help to move it again to the foreground. Assists from some of the genres finest players; Steve Cole, Steve Oliver, Tim Bowman and a cameo from young bassist Julian Vaughn.

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"Between Us"


  1. 1. Please Don't Say No
  2. 2. Between Us
  3. 3. Falling For You
  4. 4. When I Think Of You
  5. 5. In It To Win It
  6. 6. Just One Night
  7. 7. Endless Possibilities
  8. 8. Beyond The Stars
  9. 9. Snap
  10. 10. Oasis
  11. 11. Playin' Again
  12. 12. Triple Threat
  13. 13. Conversations
  14. 14. Tatiana