New Releases For November 25, 2016

Nekro Drunkz
Lavatory Carnage

Nekro Drunkz - Lavatory Carnage

Oregon's purveyors of filthy death-thrash-grind, the Nekro Drunkz, return to sleaze it up again with their anticipated fourth album, Lavatory Carnage. This time around the window peepin' freaks serve up a puss blood buffet of 18 tracks of total grinding death thrash. Outdoing themselves once again, the dastardly duo of Disgustor and Crystal Seth have recorded the most powerful grind album in over two decades, filled with memorably disgusting guitar riffs and vocals straight from the sewer. The heaviest death grind album since the scene's glory days of Gut, Impetigo and the Meat Shits.

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"Lavatory Carnage"


  1. 1. Violent Eruption Of Assorted Excrement
  2. 2. Razor Blade Rimjob
  3. 3. Shit Terrorist
  4. 4. Gangrene Gang Bang
  5. 5. College Co-Eds Pooping
  6. 6. Asshole Casserole
  7. 7. Interred In Turd
  8. 8. Kaustik Kum
  9. 9. Puss Blood Buffet
  10. 10. Treacherous Anal Warts
  11. 11. Window Peepin Freak
  12. 12. Lavatory Carnage
  13. 13. Aroused By Menstrual Stench
  14. 14. Tongue In The Toilet
  15. 15. Temple Of Blowjobs
  16. 16. Gapin' The Misshapen
  17. 17. Cannibalistic Cunnilingus
  18. 18. Extreme Scat Slaves