New Releases For March 12, 2013

Natural Self
Neon Hurts My Eyes

Natural Self - Neon Hurts My Eyes

Neon Hurts My Eyes is Natural Self's third album on Tru Thoughts. Three years in the making, the LP unveils a striking departure for the respected London based producer and DJ as he takes on the role of singer-songwriter fully for the first time.

This inventive sonic landscape, a highly poised confection of beats, bleeps and noises drawn from a vast textural palette, is more redolent of Radiohead, while a taut, melodic pop-but-not-pop sensibility aligns the songs with Little Dragon or James Blake. Beat-heavy and replete with synths aplenty, this is electronic music with warmth and heart.

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  1. 1. Metropolis
  2. 2. Red Wire Blue Wire
  3. 3. Machine
  4. 4. Take It Back
  5. 5. Pulsar
  6. 6. An Invisible Light
  7. 7. In A World
  8. 8. Mirror To The Sky
  9. 9. Kingdom
  10. 10. O Superman
  11. 11. The Valleys (Featuring Tanya Auclair & Milly Blue)
  12. 12. Paper Skyline