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Nattali Rize
Rebel Frequency

Nattali Rize - Rebel Frequency

Working across multiple continents, Nattali Rize continues her mission to empower and inspire collective freedom through her new release, Rebel Frequency. Following her relocation to Kingston, Nattali now lives where the music takes her. Modern technology and a tireless world travel schedule have broken down artistic barriers, allowing the rebel frequency to be put together between the cultural hubs of Kingston, Jamaica, and Australia. “We’re here to deliver a different frequency […]. Our words, melodies, rhythms, and intentions are to empower and inspire full freedom – that frequency is a rebel in this paradigm.”

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"Rebel Frequency"


  1. 1. Rebel Frequency
  2. 2. Natty Rides Again (With Julian Marley)
  3. 3. Warriors
  4. 4. One People
  5. 5. Evolutionary (Featuring Dre Island & Jah9)
  6. 6. Heart Of A Lion (Featuring Notis Heavyweightrockaz)
  7. 7. Fly Away (Featuring Raging Fyah)
  8. 8. Meditation
  9. 9. Generations Will Rize (Featuring Kabaka Pyramid & Notis Heavyweightrockaz)
  10. 10. Hypocrisy
  11. 11. Free Up Your Mind
  12. 12. Ever Rizing Dub

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Oct 09
    Las Vegas, NV, US Reggae Rise Up presents "Reggae Rise Up Vegas Festival 2021" 2021
  • May 26
    Monterey, CA, US California Roots Music & Arts Festival 2022
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