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Natasha England with Logan
Deeper Into Reality

Natasha England with Logan - Deeper Into Reality

The result of this collaboration between 80's hit singer/songwriter Natasha England and performer/producer Robert Logan is a wonderfully innovative and creative album that draws on many different musical genres to create a truly great and original listening experience. Lead single 'Stop Doing Nothing' is a lyrically fascinating song on the perils of idleness. Throughout Deeper Into Reality there are risks being taken, but with the musical pedigree and background of both England and Logan it is no surprise to see that the results produce an album which is sure to push the boundaries of electro synth a little further.

'Stop Doing Nothing appeases all things brilliantly wicked.' -

TAGS: Pop | Synth Pop

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  1. 1. Darkside
  2. 2. Come
  3. 3. Strange
  4. 4. Stop Doing Nothing
  5. 5. Wasted Lives
  6. 6. Life's For The Living
  7. 7. How Do You Like It?
  8. 8. Not In A Million Years
  9. 9. The Passion
  10. 10. Deeper Into Reality
  11. 11. Remember Me (Waterfall)