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Natalie Dessay & Michel Legrand
Between Yesterday And Today

Natalie Dessay & Michel Legrand - Between Yesterday And Today

Composed by multi-award-winning artist Michel Legrand and American poets Alan and Marilyn Bergman in the 1970s, made up of a cycle of songs, this work tells the story of a woman’s life from birth to death, featuring its highlights: childhood, adolescence, first love, and motherhood. The project was never completed. Thanks to Natalie's input, Legrand rewrote the score and Alan and Marilyn rewrote the lyrics especially for her in order to give a second life to this project. This masterpiece was recorded last September in London at Air Studios with the London Studio Orchestra, conducted by Legrand.

TAGS: Classical | Vocals


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  2. 1. Birth
  3. 2. Mother And Child
  4. 3. Mother And Child Interlude
  5. 4. Where Does The Wind Come From?
  6. 5. Where Does The Wind Come From Interlude
  7. 6. Hold Me
  8. 7. Can You Tell The Moment?
  9. 8. Fairy Tales And Story Books
  10. 9. An Unexpected Smile
  11. 10. An Unexpected Smile Interlude
  12. 11. With You
  13. 12. You And I Plus One
  14. 13. You And I Plus One Interlude
  15. 14. Mother And Child Trio
  16. 15. Wait
  17. 16. Wait Interlude
  18. 17. The More You Have
  19. 18. Yesterday's Apples
  20. 19. Between Yesterday And Tomorrow
  21. 20. Last Breath