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Mystic Roots Band

Mystic Roots Band - Cali-Hi

Solid reggae grooves accompanying the various vocal talents of the band, the record takes you on a musical journey throughout the 18 tracks.

The enchanting voice of Ms. Katherine Ramirez, hip-hop styles of Cootdog, three-piece vocal harmonies, hard hitting bass and drums, powerful horn section, rocking guitar, beat-box, turntables, and many all-star guest appearances including Zion of The Green, Pato Banton contribute to create a full package of positive music.

This album best captures the band's live show energy flipping seamlessly between roots reggae, dancehall, hip-hop, pop and rock.

Also included is the bonus 3 hour DVD of the Mystic Roots Documentary.

TAGS: Reggae

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"Blessings (Feat. Pato Banton)"


  1. 1. Cali-Hi (Feat. Zion of The Green)
  2. 2. Lonely Road
  3. 3. Work To Do (Feat. Zion of The Green)
  4. 4. Wondering Why
  5. 5. Lifestyle
  6. 6. Something About A Girl (Feat. Zion of The Green)
  7. 7. Never Been Better
  8. 8. Welcome To Chico (Live Medley)
  9. 9. Work 2 Dub
  10. 10. Blessings (Feat. Pato Banton)
  11. 11. $100 Bag
  12. 12. Drunkards
  13. 13. Space In My Life
  14. 14. Reflection
  15. 15. Sweet Sinsemilla (remix)
  16. 16. Thank You Lord
  17. 17. Not Too Late
  18. 18. Dub 2 Late