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Myles Goodwyn
Friends Of The Blues 2

Myles Goodwyn - Friends Of The Blues 2

Friends Of The Blues 2 takes the successful model of Goodwyn's last album and brings it to a higher level: writing great original blues songs, delivering them with passion and vitality, using contributions from of some of the best players in the business - including Jack de Keyzer, Kenny “Blues Boss” Wayne, Warren Robert, Ross Billard, Bruce Dixon, JR Smith, Matt Andersen, Mike “Shrimp Daddy” Reed, Jack Semple, Sherman “Tank” Doucette, Joe Murphy, Bill Stevenson, Will Van Hansolo, Steve Segal and a duet with six-time winner for Female Blues Singer of the Year at the Toronto Blues Society Awards, Angel Forrest.

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"Hip Hip"


  1. 1. Hip Hip
  2. 2. Like A Dog Ain't Had It's Day
  3. 3. All Over Now
  4. 4. You Got It Bad
  5. 5. Fish Tank Blues
  6. 6. Speedo (Revisted)
  7. 7. Daddy Needs New Shoes
  8. 8. Being Good (Won't Do Us Any Good Tonight)
  9. 9. I Love My Guitar
  10. 10. Help Me Baby
  11. 11. When Your Ship Came In (I Was At The Train Station Drinking)
  12. 12. Sick And Tired (Of Being Sick And Tired)
  13. 13. I Saw Someone That Wasn't There (And It Was You)
  14. 14. Even Singing Cowboys Get The Blues

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