New Releases For October 9, 2012

My Jerusalem

My Jerusalem - Preachers

Behold Preachers, the second full-length release from Austin's My Jerusalem (Jeff Klein - Vocals, Guitar; Jon Merz - Guitar, Keyboards, Horns; Michael St Clair - Violin, Keyboards, Horns; Grant Van Amburgh - Drums; Geena Spigarelli - Bass). Preachers lead the listener on a cinematic journey through a reckless, jagged landscape of Raymond Carver-esque stories, fueled by Jeff's persuasive baritone. Recorded in under three weeks by Spoon drummer Jim Eno (Heartless Bastards, Polica, Black Joe Lewis) at his Public Hi-Fi studio, equal parts sweet, morbid, strange, and sincere, Preachers is an experience that could convert the most steadfast of non-believers.

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  1. 1. Preachers
  2. 2. Shatter Together
  3. 3. Born In The Belly
  4. 4. Mono
  5. 5. This Time
  6. 6. Death Valley
  7. 7. Devoe
  8. 8. Between Space
  9. 9. Oh Little Sister
  10. 10. Chameleon
  11. 11. I Left My Conscience In You

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