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Murray A. Lightburn
Hear Me Out

Murray A. Lightburn - Hear Me Out

Frontman of beloved Montreal indie institution the Dears performs the vulnerable, deep-soul from his new solo project Hear Me Out. Musically inspired by ‘60s girl groups, Motown, and soulful romantic crooners, Lightburn states, “I’m not really hearing or seeing that kind of stuff from guys that look like me these days. In Canada, not at all. Perhaps I can fill that void.”

"Lightburn evokes...Scott Walker produced by the early-Seventies Curtis Mayfield... with the vulnerable, urgent songwriting and deep-soul flair” - David Fricke (Rolling Stone)

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"Changed My Ways"


  1. 1. Anew
  2. 2. Centre Of My Universe
  3. 3. To The Top
  4. 4. I Give Up
  5. 5. Hear Me Out
  6. 6. Belleville Blues
  7. 7. Changed My Ways
  8. 8. Fan Fiction (Ballad Of A Genius)
  9. 9. I'm Not Broken
  10. 10. When They See Me