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Mr. Endo G
Venomous Composition

Mr. Endo G - Venomous Composition

Venomous Composition is the first nationally distributed album and second solo release by hip-hop artist Mr. Endo G. The album consists of 14 tracks including the hit single “Paper” which features Big Pup and Young Deuce and the album has much more features like Bizzy Bone, Lil Flip, K-Rino, Loaded Lux, Kingpin Skinny Pimp, Twisted Insane and much more. It also features the 2015 SCM nominated track for Best Collaboration “Natural Clickin.”

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"Paper (Featuring Big Pup & Young Deuce)"


  1. 1. Intro
  2. 2. Paper (Featuring Big Pup & Young Deuce)
  3. 3. You Know It (Featuring Lil Flip, Bigg Reed & Young Deuce)
  4. 4. Fuck With Me
  5. 5. Watch The Throne (Featuring Kingpin Skinny Pimp, Cha’Keeta B. & Loaded Lux)
  6. 6. No One Can Do It Better
  7. 7. Natural Clickin’ Pt. 2 (Featuring Bizzy Bone, K-Fix, Fo Rilo, Renizance Falcone & Twisted Insane)
  8. 8. Be Like Kobe
  9. 9. 74 Bars
  10. 10. Thirsty (Featuring Jai Bravo & Cha’Keeta B.)
  11. 11. We Gon’ Ride (Featuring Bigg Reed, Young Deuce & 3xotic)
  12. 12. Same Thing
  13. 13. Mo Murda (Featuring IIndhand & Young Deuce)
  14. 14. Natural Clickin’ (Featuring K-Rino, Fo Rilo, D-Low, Young Deuce & Twisted Insane)