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Moya Brennan & Cormac De Barra
Voices And Harps

Moya Brennan & Cormac De Barra - Voices And Harps

Moya Brennan, the First Lady of Celtic Music and vocalist of Irish folk group Clannad, and virtuoso harpist Cormac De Barra both come from large musical families in Ireland and their mutual admiration for each other naturally developed into a stimulating musical relationship.

Their new album, Voices & Harps, is the culmination of their friendship and creative synergy over the past decade. They combine the simplicity, depth and beauty of the extraordinary skills which make them unique in their own field. Voices & Harps unveils a new chapter in their partnership.

ARTIST SITE | RELEASED: June 28, 2011 ON Beo
TAGS: Celtic | Folk

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"My Match Is A Makin'"


  1. 1. My Match Is A Makin'
  2. 2. She Moved Through The Fair
  3. 3. An Seanduine Dóite
  4. 4. Casadh mo Chroí
  5. 5. Crann Úll
  6. 6. Carolan's Concerto
  7. 7. Longing To See You
  8. 8. Bean Dubh a' Ghleanna
  9. 9. Táim Breoite go Leor
  10. 10. Go Brách
  11. 11. The Streets of Derry