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Moya Brennan
Heart Strings

Moya Brennan - Heart Strings

Heart Strings is Moya's first ever live solo recording and features the prodigious talents of the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra.

Recorded at the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall and in Germany in October 2007, the 13 tracks include three classic songs from Moya's days as the voice of Clannad, including 'Harry's Game,' 'I Will Find You,' and 'In A Lifetime.'

Drawing on Moya's recent solo work with tracks like 'Tapestry' and 'Sailing Away' - tracks that showcase both her skill at crafting evocative moments and her prodigious band's skillful musicianship - the live show recording underlines just why Moya is known as the First Lady of Celtic Music. Moya was thrilled to work with Julie Feeney who both scored the orchestral arrangements and conducted on the night.

TAGS: Celtic | Folk | Live | New Age

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  1. 1. Tapestry
  2. 2. Perfect Time
  3. 3. Mhorag's Na Horo Gheallaidh
  4. 4. Alisdair MacColla
  5. 5. Molly Fair
  6. 6. Sailing Away
  7. 7. Gone Are The Days
  8. 8. Tunes Medley (Eleanor Plunket, Hobnobs, Father Francis Cameron)
  9. 9. I Will Find You
  10. 10. Marry-Go-Round
  11. 11. No One Talks
  12. 12. In A Lifetime
  13. 13. Against the Wind
  14. 14. Theme From Harry's Game