New Releases For August 10, 2018

Mountain Heart
Soul Searching

Mountain Heart - Soul Searching

The dynamic, virtuosic and ever-evolving acoustic outfit Mountain Heart have never sounded better than on their new release Soul Searching. Incorporating bluegrass, Americana and pop influences, Mountain Heart’s sound is a true hybrid - a surprising achievement for a band previously thought of as a traditional bluegrass band. The quartet shines on the album’s first single “More Than I Am,” with a pulsing piano groove and driving mandolin rhythm providing the framework for Shilling’s soulful vocal. By contrast, “No Complaints” cops the spirit of a New Orleans second line, achieving a cross between New Grass Revival and Little Feat.

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"More Than I Am"


  1. 1. In The Ground
  2. 2. More Than I Am
  3. 3. Restless Wind
  4. 4. No Complaints
  5. 5. Curly Headed Woman
  6. 6. You Can't Hide A Broken Heart
  7. 7. Amicalola Falls
  8. 8. Your Love Won't Let Me Go
  9. 9. Stars
  10. 10. Festival
  11. 11. Soul Searching

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