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Mountain Heart
Blue Skies

Mountain Heart - Blue Skies

Mountain Heart returns with Blue Skies, their first studio album in five years. The same soulfulness that gave the band its name in the first place is still there, but now voiced through a blend of musicians that make room not just for their bluegrass legacy, but also singer/songwriter ballads, classic country, R&B, and modern folk pop. Mountain Heart completely reinvents themselves around long-time members Josh Shilling and Aaron Ramsey. Jeff Partin and Seth Taylor joined after the band’s last album was released and violinist and vocalist Molly Cherryholmes (five-time Grammy-nominee).

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"Blue Skies"


  1. 1. Blue Skies
  2. 2. Miss Me When I’m Gone
  3. 3. Maggie’s Farm
  4. 4. No One To Listen
  5. 5. She’ll Come Back To Me
  6. 6. Addicted
  7. 7. The Bad Grounds
  8. 8. Have You Heard About The Old Hometown
  9. 9. I Can’t Get Over You
  10. 10. Hurting

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