New Releases For July 8, 2016

Moths & Locusts
Helios Rising

Moths & Locusts - Helios Rising

Moths & Locusts' colossal sophomore album, Helios Rising, lights up the cerebral cortex of thinkers and stoners alike with visceral garage rock bangers, trance-inducing dreamscapes and all elements of the intervening spectrum. Helios Rising can be acquired in digital bits or CD but the flagship format is 180gm vinyl with three color options and a gatefold cover worthy of the genre classics.

RIYL: Hawkwind, early Pink Floyd, Krautrock, heavy psych.

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"Our Dear Leader"


  1. 1. Our Dear Leader
  2. 2. Beach Party Shakedown
  3. 3. Troubled
  4. 4. Invisible Light
  5. 5. Capsule
  6. 6. Aftershave & Nicotine
  7. 7. Biblical Prophecy
  8. 8. Helios Rising