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Dark Age

Mothlite - Dark Age

Mothlite is the brainchild of Daniel O'Sullivan. A prolific composer and multi-instrumentalist, O'Sullivan is a member of Ulver and a regular collaborator with Sunn O))), Guapo, Æthenor, Miracle and Grumbling Fur.

Mothlite allows him to move in different musical directions to those taken by his other projects, recalling the deepest remnants of 80's sounds (Talk Talk, Japan, Cocteau Twins) and fusing it with an innovative, forward-thinking approach to programming and sound design. The result is a grandiose gothic-pop euphoria that retains a subliminally progressive musical depth.

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"Something In The Sky"


  1. 1. Wounded Lions
  2. 2. Disappear
  3. 3. Seeing In The Dark
  4. 4. The Blood
  5. 5. Something In The Sky
  6. 6. The Underneath
  7. 7. Zebras
  8. 8. Dreamsinter Nightspore
  9. 9. Milk
  10. 10. Dark Age
  11. 11. Red Book