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Mother Mother
Very Good Bad Thing

Mother Mother - Very Good Bad Thing

Since conquering Canada, Mother Mother jump over the border and are set to make their name on American soil. The band’s sound mixes Pixies and Arcade Fire, with great harmonies and a bit of melodic synth-rock added in.

The new album Very Good Bad Thing was recorded with Juno-winning producer Gavin Brown (Metric, Billy Talent, Tragically Hip) at his Noble Street studio in Toronto, and is the next logical step in Mother Mother’s sonic evolution. The album debuted at #1 in Canada and has garnered two hit singles, "Get Out The Way" and "Monkey Tree."

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"Monkey Tree"


  1. 1. Get Out The Way
  2. 2. Monkey Tree
  3. 3. Modern Love
  4. 4. Reaper Man
  5. 5. I Go Hungry
  6. 6. Have It Out
  7. 7. Very Good Bad Thing
  8. 8. Kept Down
  9. 9. Shout If You Know
  10. 10. Alone And Sublime