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Mother Falcon
Good Luck Have Fun

Mother Falcon - Good Luck Have Fun

Indie orchestra Mother Falcon explores new frontiers in its major label debut Good Luck Have Fun. Featuring concise, hook-rich arrangements and experimental instrumental soundscapes, the album is at once accessible and adventurous, a true reflection of the “exuberant” (USA Today) Austin-based ensemble. Born of Mother Falcon’s tireless pursuit of radiant new music, Good Luck Have Fun is sure to delight both longtime fans and discerning tastemakers.

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  1. 1. Kid
  2. 2. Naked + Alive
  3. 3. Quiet Mind
  4. 4. You Are
  5. 5. Water
  6. The Starnation Suite:
  7. 6. E-Sports
  8. 7. BoxeR
  9. 8. Oceanside (White-Ra)
  10. 9. Gameplay
  11. 10. He’s A God (NaNiwa)
  12. 11. Day[9]
  13. 12. Good People