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Moshe Kasher
Live In Oakland

Moshe Kasher - Live In Oakland

Oakland-bred comic and best-selling author Moshe Kasher comes back to the Bay Area in this standup special. Back on his home turf, Kasher finds comedy in these uproarious stories about the people he's met-and how they see him.

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"Youtube Comments (The Rebuttal)"


  1. 1. Ground Rules (The Repeat)
  2. 2. Heaven And Hell (The Update)
  3. 3. Youtube Comments (The Rebuttal)
  4. 4. Star Trek (The Loser)
  5. 5. Powerful Wigger (The Cute Ass Nerd)
  6. 6. Ireland (The Leprechaun)
  7. 7. Magum Openis (The Revelation)
  8. 8. Closeted Outfit (The Knight)
  9. 9. Skitzophrenic Pride (The First Joke)
  10. 10. Good Evening, Everybody (The Mannar)
  11. 11. Jim Morrison Cat (The Doors)
  12. 12. A Tip For The Fellas (The Tongue)
  13. 13. I Found Out In Seattle (The Gag Reflex)
  14. 14. You Can't Win An Adult Fight (The End)