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Mos Generator

Mos Generator - Abyssinia

"If there's such a thing as fusing some soul into a doom palette, Mos Generator has achieved that. Seldom will you hear an unambiguous merge between the two outside of Black Sabbath's Sabotage. Mos Generator have tapped into a loud vibe featuring sinister and coarse nuances yet with something revealing far more heart." - Ray Van Horn Jr, Blabbermouth.

Their brand new album Abyssinia, is gathering critical acclaim worldwide as Classic Rock describes it as “a sound that is less stoner but still capable of moments of high doom,” still heavy psych doom rock but with the last tracks wandering in the prog territory that will happily surprise old fans and please many new ones.

TAGS: Doom | Hard Rock | Metal | Psych

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"Strangest Times"


  1. 1. Strangest Times
  2. 2. You've Got A Right
  3. 3. Catspaw
  4. 4. Easy Evil
  5. 5. Wicked Willow
  6. 6. As Above So Below
  7. 7. Red Canyons
  8. 8. There's No Return From Nowhere
  9. 9. Time And Other Thieves
  10. 10. Outlander

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