New Releases For November 25, 2016

Wild, Wild Misery

Mortualia - Wild, Wild Misery

Highly anticipated third album from Horna and Sargeist mastermind Shatraug’s Mortualia.

Finland’s leading DSBM act Mortualia returns with their colossal third full length album, Wild, Wild Misery. Six years in the making, the album meets all expectations and delivers much more than promised. Musically never straying from the sound created on Mortualia and the massive Blood Of The Hermit, Mortualia has perfected their song-writing craft into classic metal anthems. These eight melodic funeral dirges full of hook-laden heavy metal classics are certain to induce throws of wild, wild misery.

“Perfect” – Absolute Zero Media

“Something truly amazing” –

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  1. 1. Withdrawn
  2. 2. Return To Silence
  3. 3. Out
  4. 4. Emptiness Of All
  5. 5. Stolid
  6. 6. Wild, Wild Misery
  7. 7. To Which Ever End
  8. 8. Nothing Is A Given