New Releases For May 26, 2017


Moonloop - Devocean

Originally formed in 2001, Barcelona’s Moonloop have kept on impressing the press and local fans with their own mix of progressive and death metal. They are often tagged as a non-mimicking, but challenging combination of Opeth’s catchy arrangements, and musical sensibilities and Gojira’s or Death’s heavy, menacing yet melodic powerful guitar grooves and bashing drums. The new album, Devocean, genuinely displays the band’s best work to date. The lyrics are inspired by nature, geology, oceans, ecology, and also personal experiences.

For fans of: Gojira, Opeth, Death, Steven Wilson.

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  1. 1. Megalodon
  2. 2. Zeal
  3. 3. Gallery Of Diminished Nightmares
  4. 4. Expired Kings
  5. 5. Medusa
  6. 6. Oceans
  7. 7. Interglacial
  8. 8. Origin
  9. 9. Sneak Peak