New Releases For September 18, 2015

Render Of The Veils

Moon - Render Of The Veils

Densely Layered Mind-Expanding Hypnotic Black Metal.

Australia's mysterious Moon returns with a new album, the aptly titled Render Of The Veils. Following the mesmerizing complexity of 2011's critically acclaimed Caduceus Chalice, Moon mixes an even more bewitching brew with Render Of The Veils. Like a transmission from the multi-dimensional void, the swirling, densely layered form of black metal that mainman Miasmyr creates can become a portal to another world, and with Render Of The Veils, he has delivered his most staggering work yet.

A Masterpiece Of Multi-Dimentional Void-Cracking Black Metal.

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"Casting The Shadow"


  1. 1. Immolation Euphoria
  2. 2. Modraniht
  3. 3. Oration As Vessel Of The Void
  4. 4. Casting The Shadow
  5. 5. As Stars Merge With Ice
  6. 6. Souls Secreted In Transparent Cells
  7. 7. Tunnels Of Lost Thoughts
  8. 8. Hanged At The Gates
  9. 9. Mirror Of Black Souls
  10. 10. Corrosion Delirium
  11. 11. Cold Delusions