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Monty Python
Almost The Truth Theatrical Version (DVD)

Monty Python - Almost The Truth Theatrical Version (DVD)

Monty Python reunites in this outrageous comedy and also features some of today's biggest comedians including Jimmy Fallon, Eddie Izzard, Dan Aykroyd, and Seth Green.

The Pythons are matched against their contemporaries: rock stars, comedians, actors, politicians, Python-haters and potential axe murderers, in this never-before-seen outrageous comedy from the biggest comedy troupe of all time.

Watch as Monty Python is brought to life on-screen in this six part mini-series which aired on the IFC Channel.


  1. DVD:
  2. Single-disc 'Theatrical Release' featuring a cut down version of the series to 107 minutes

  3. BLU-RAY:
  4. Two-disc set featuring the complete 6 part series - total run time: 463 minutes
  6. Extended interviews with the Pythons
  7. Outtakes From The Cutting Room Floor
  8. Terry Gilliam Picture Gallery 'The Sketches':
  9. - The Parrot Sketch
  10. - Spanish Inquisition
  11. - The Fish Slapping Dance
  12. - Ministry Of Silly Walks
  13. - Lumberjack Song
  14. - The Cheese Shop
  15. - Spam

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